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ISUZU Samurai Shō

ISUZU Samurai Shō

When it comes to recognition and motivation programmes, the only approach that we won’t consider is the ‘been there and done that” approach. Recognition and motivation are about an inherent loyalty to a company, creating a deeper-seated reason for staff to maintain that loyalty, and receiving more than just a pat on the shoulder when their loyalty and hard work is recognised.


With this in mind, LIVE was thrilled to be tasked by a company whose heritage and culture is almost as iconic as their trucks themselves – ISUZU.


Once ISUZU merged their truck and bakkie business, they required new collateral for their ISUZU Dealers Recognition and Motivational Programme. The programme requirements consisted of various certificates, a launch video, a booklet, Flex-pay cards and envelopes for the cards.

After extensive research into the roots of ISUZU, we realised that giving them a programme based on their Japanese origins was the only way to honour the brand and to make those that remain loyal to it realise that they’re a part of a much bigger picture.

Born from Japanese roots, we strongly believe that ISUZU shares the virtues of Bushido, the code of conduct followed by Japan’s Samurai warriors and their ancestors in feudal Japan, and that this similarity with the Samurai warrior should be embraced by all employees. A typical list of the virtues encoded in Bushido includes righteousness, courage, benevolence, respect, sincerity, honour, loyalty, frugality and self-control. Although the era of the samurai may have ended many years ago, it is clearly evident that the ancient code of the Bushido, the way of the warrior, lives on today through ISUZU.