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ISUZU Bold Campaign


Creating the stage for ISUZU to boldly express their new attitudinal shift across the entire brand.

Creative Ask:

For too long, ISUZU has lied dormant, quiet, asleep to the daring possibilities that the brand possesses. Client tasked LIVE to be help them become more daring and braver in how they show up as the ISUZU Brand.

Creative Solve:

LIVE introduced ISUZU to the BOLD NEW AGE. The age where ISUZU embraces the Brave, Original, Limitless and Different spirit that has always existed within the brand.

Through messaging guides, design and animations, LIVE proposed that BOLD not just act as the name of a new product or a short-lived marketing campaign idea for the leisure market, but become a business attitudinal shift across the entire ISUZU business. This includes ISUZU’s sub-brands, joint ventures, Dealers & Partners and the ISUZU employees.

We helped ISUZU position Bold in how they become Braver in business, Originally approach new markets, Limitlessly speak about the Brand, their services, products, and consistently find Bold solutions for ISUZU customers.

Messaging also filtered through to Boldly encourage ISUZU leisure customers to be Different & become bolder in both life & business.

As the messaging of the Bold New Age of ISUZU became highlighted, this seamlessly fit with the new desirable product offerings with improved styling, safety & technology on offer and further cemented ISUZU’s progressive spirit, reigniting the brands passion for its customers and repositioning them as a major player in the leisure segment across the African continent once again.