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ISUZU Influencer PDF


Influencers have the ability to reach very specific audiences, and with ISUZU’s wide range of vehicles catering from commercial to leisure, ISUZU cannot solely rely on followers on social media to spread awareness about the brand.


Creative Ask:

LIVE was tasked to create an easy-to-use Influencer Messaging Guide that can be sent to ISUZU influencers to aid in spreading messaging aligned with the products and the ISUZU Brand – with the end goal of driving engagement. ​


Creative Solve:

LIVE created an interactive Influencer Messaging Guide that covered all ISUZU vehicles ( D-MAX, mu-X and Trucks), a quick introduction to the brand as a whole, and social media elements to be used, such as; hashtags and keywords.

Without halting each influencer’s creativity and uniqueness, the Influencer Messaging Guide aimed to increase followings from a younger and more diverse demographic, increase brand awareness, create product exposure, generate content for ISUZU social pages and increase brand engagement – all while staying consistent with ISUZU’s Brand messaging.