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ISUZU Mobility True Campaign


TRUE Service is at the heart of what ISUZU does, and the brand has proven to boldly exceed expectations in areas of durability, reliability and capability.

Creative Ask:

Attaching itself to the TRUE campaign, LIVE was tasked to launch the new monthly Cents Per Kilometer (CPK) Mobility plan offering to current and new customers. The objectives of this launch were to increase ISUZU Mobility sales, retain customers in the dealer network to service their vehicles and finally make their next purchase at an ISUZU Dealership.

Creative Solve:

In the spirit of customers getting TRUE maintenance that makes cents, LIVE created launch elements for dealers to create awareness of the new CPK Mobility plan offerings. We were also asked to create engaging and informative point of sales elements to assist salesman in promoting the maximum lifetime value and peace of mind with no costly surprises that the CPK Mobility plan offers its customers.