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ISUZU Samurai Shō


Recognition and motivation are about an inherent loyalty to a company, creating a deeper-seated reason for staff to maintain that loyalty, and receiving more than just a pat on the shoulder when their loyalty and hard work is recognised.


Creative Ask:

Once ISUZU merged their truck and bakkie business, they required new collateral for their ISUZU Dealers Recognition and Motivational Programme. The programme requirements consisted of various certificates, a launch video, a booklet, Flex-pay cards and envelopes for the cards.


Creative Solve:

LIVE Communications was thrilled to be tasked by a company whose heritage and culture is almost as iconic as their trucks themselves; and we also knew that this programme had the promise of being something completely unforgettable.


After extensive research into the roots of ISUZU, we realised that giving them a programme based on ISUZU’s Japanese origins was the only way to honour the brand and to make those that remain loyal to it realise that they’re a part of a much bigger picture.


Service certificates

The Samurai would be nothing without their weapon and just like the long blade of the katana, ISUZU would not be where they are without long and loyal service. This is just some of the evocative thinking used to reinvent a corporate A4 certificate into a much sought after recognition reward. The certificates were redesigned into stunning, almost collectible, oversized wall pieces, printed on hand-crafted paper and framed in bespoke perspex frames.

The certificates were all renamed with Japanese symbols that match the characteristics of the category they represent, accompanied by a small poetic write-up e.g. The Long Service Award was renamed to the ISUZU Katana Shō.


Support collateral

Along with the certificates an animation video was created to introduce the Samurai Shō Programme to the dealers at their yearly dealer conference. This video shows the similarity of the samurai warrior and explains the naming of each category with short copy and engaging visuals. The dealers also received a beautifully crafted Samurai Shō booklet to explain the new recognition programme and everything it has to offer. Along with the booklet each dealer also received a Samurai Shō Flex-pay card in a special designed envelope.

Since the launch of Samurai Shō, the programme keeps growing, with new certificate themes being added regularly, ensuring that the spirit of the samurai is always carried into new dealer events and incentives.


At LIVE Communications we deliver more than what is expected. We exist to find the deeply rooted client insights that are unique to each and every business and bring them to life whilst giving employees a programme, campaign or experience they will never forget.