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ISUZU There’s work to do TVCs


Digging deep to find a brand’s purpose can unleash a world of possibilities.


Creative Ask

ISUZU asked us to create a 360-degree campaign incorporating their brand purpose. The campaign needed to follow on from their current pay off line ‘With you for the long run’, and showcase the ISUZU vehicle offering whilst underpinning a deeper seeded idea that ISUZU has a responsibility to help build a better future for South Africa.


Creative Solve

Our concept hinged on the idea that although ISUZU is a front runner when it comes to manufacturing solid trucks and bakkies, there is a much greater purpose that drives them. This driving force? Empowering South Africans with robust vehicles, that will work together with them, to become the tools for sustainable growth; to embrace economic and social development.


The campaign challenges ordinary South Africans to look at problems differently. To create a defined, unifying sense of purpose upon which we can all take action. We needed to activate the “doer” in all South Africans to help build the nation and work on converting common challenges into opportunities, no matter how big or small they may be.


Together, all South Africans, are working towards a common goal; to build a thriving country for all. But our country isn’t going to build itself, and that was the premise of ISUZU’s new campaign – There’s Work To Do.


Collateral created to support the campaign included 3 x TVC’s, radio adverts, billboards, signage, dealer POS collateral, print adverts and internal communication.