Generating packaging in 3D is cost effective when compared to traditional photography

5 Reasons to choose 3D over photography

Article by Livecom Admin.

12th July 2023

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape, the way you showcase your packaging is crucial to capturing your customer’s attention and driving sales. Traditionally, businesses have relied on product photography. However, with the advancements in technology, 3D has emerged as a compelling alternative. By leveraging three-dimensional virtual models of products, companies can get stunning visuals of their unique packs that surpass the limitations of traditional photography. If you’re contemplating whether to embrace 3D or stick with photography, here are five reasons why you should consider making the switch.

1. Cost-effective solution

One of the primary advantages of generating your packaging in 3D is its cost-effectiveness compared to traditional product photography. Product shoots can be an expensive and time-consuming process. It involves hiring photographers, arranging props and settings, and conducting multiple photoshoots to capture the perfect shot. In contrast, 3D packaging eliminates the need for physical production, allowing businesses to save money on materials, logistics, and model procurement. Additionally, once a 3D model is created, it can be easily adapted for different purposes, such as various marketing channels or packaging variations, without incurring additional costs.

2. Enhanced flexibility and customisation

Unlike photography, 3D packaging offers unparalleled flexibility and customisation options. With 3D models, you have the freedom to experiment with various angles, lighting conditions, and textures, creating a truly immersive and engaging visual experience for consumers. Moreover, 3D packaging allows for easy modifications and updates, empowering businesses to quickly respond to market trends, incorporate feedback, or showcase product variations. This agility is especially crucial in industries where rapid product iterations or seasonal releases are common, such as fashion, cosmetics, or consumer electronics. FMCG companies will mainly benefit from this advantage.

3. Realistic and consistent representation

When it comes to product photography, achieving consistent lighting, shadows, and reflections across a range can be a challenging task. In contrast, 3D provides unparalleled control over these elements, ensuring a realistic and consistent representation of the product. By meticulously designing the lighting setup within the virtual environment, you can showcase your products with unparalleled precision and create a cohesive brand identity. Additionally, 3D models can be rendered from any desired angle, enabling your customers to explore products from all perspectives, mimicking an in-store experience.

4. Time efficiency and faster time-to-market

In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, time is of the essence. Traditional product photography requires meticulous planning, multiple iterations, and significant post-processing to achieve desired results. Conversely, 3D packaging streamlines the process by eliminating the need for physical product samples and multiple iterations. Once the 3D model is created, it can be easily reused and adapted for various marketing purposes, such as e-commerce websites, social media campaigns, or print materials.

5. Sustainability and reduced environmental impact

Sustainability has become a significant concern for both businesses and consumers. Traditional product photography often involves excessive material waste, such as disposable props, packaging, and backdrops. On the other hand, 3D packaging operates entirely within a digital realm, significantly reducing material consumption and environmental impact. By embracing 3D models, you can actively contribute to reducing waste, lowering carbon footprint, and aligning with the growing demand for eco-friendly practices. This commitment to sustainability can also resonate positively with environmentally conscious consumers, leading to increased brand loyalty and reputation.

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