LIVECOM is an agency driven by passion, confidence and a devotion to creativity that delivers results.

Our aim is to create work that resonates with our clients, their Brands and with the people who will see and love the end result.


Able to invest in local talent, we can seamlessly shape ourselves around our clients’ needs


As a full-service agency, we skilfully offer inspiring creative and become an indispensable asset to our client by building solid, long-term partnerships


Strong individuals coming together to work with a level of excellence rooted in knowledge, drive, and synergy that is the catalyst for our success

We all know the age-old saying, “There’s no I in teamwork”. On the contrary, we believe the opposite to be true. A successful team is built around the strength of every “I”.

Combining the talents of each individual’s strength enables us to flourish creatively and approach each brief differently, offering powerful solutions no matter the problem.

That’s why we have a prominent “i” in our logo…


Live Communications
Block 1, Ground Floor, 4 Karen Street,

BBEEE Level 2

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