Harnessing the power of analogies to inspire creativity

Article by Livecom Admin.

17th October 2022

So you’re ready to solve your brand problem, a problem that may be unfamiliar, uninteresting, complex, controversial or even unmentionable. Before you set off and dive into connecting the dots and plotting the way forward, perhaps consider; would an analogy help.

Analogies are part of the human experience. We need them when we’re too young to comprehend complex realities, and as grown-ups, they come in handy in helping us relay these complexities to young children. Think the birds and the bees.

In the creative space, analogies are a valuable tool for creative problem solving to help move away from the obvious and encourage ‘out of the box’ thinking that gives us fresh new ways of looking at the environment around us. Analogies work because our brains use patterns and shortcuts to understand and deal with the world. And with the correct analogy in place, you can give your brand problem:

  • fresh insights
  • relevance
  • comprehensibility
  • social acceptance and, most importantly
  • resonance with your brands audience

The key to harnessing the power of an analogy is getting the connecting line just right, which links the analogy problem with the real-world problem you want to highlight. Exploring unrelated concepts for insights that you can apply to your brand problem creates endless creative possibilities.  

Let’s turn your brand problem into a refreshed, memorable way of capturing the attention and imagination of your audience and building a rewarding conversation that resonates. 


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