How going behind the scenes keeps your product “top of mind.”

Article by Livecom Admin.

17th October 2022

People are curious creatures. We don’t just want to go to the concert; we want to go backstage. We don’t just want to watch the series; we want to watch the “behind the scenes.” And you can take advantage of this in the advertising you create.

But how do you do that?

Introduce them to the people who make the product. Take them to where the product is created. Maybe it’s an assembly line. Maybe it’s a farm. Maybe it’s an art studio. Whatever it is, it’s going to pique the consumer’s interest.

Don’t think your “behind the scenes” is a very interesting place? Make one up. There are no rules and people enjoy a little fun. Create a Willy Wonka-type factory where you claim your chairs are made. Tell people you miraculously farm your strawberries in the desert and then end your TV spot with a twist.

Or you can show people the secret ingredient that makes your sauce unbelievably delicious. Get the makers to tell their stories.

And why does it work?

Because taking people behind the scenes introduces more emotion. You see the passion of the people behind the product. You see the determination. You see the disappointments. And people relate to this humanness.


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