With customers demanding more value, faster and better service FNB Aspire was born to regain its market leading position.

FNB Aspire, as a solution, needed to be a customer-centric with engaging positioning, strong storytelling potential, underpinned by the revised value propositions as reasons to believe. And through research the emerging themes that needed to be focused on were self-improvement, family, side hustle, financial security, trust, transparency, simplicity, social status and convenience.

The communication objectives focus was customer centricity, trust and integrated financial services.


When approaching the FNB Aspire launch we decided on a 2-phase approach: The first phase being the introduction on the new look of the cards and the second phase would highlight the diversity of our customers and the fact that with FNB Aspire they get more value, more day-to-day benefits, and more rewards.

By  understanding that our customers are building the future they aspire to and the roadmap to their destination is so unique, we showcased this through various customer personas.

Our strategic insight stemmed from the concept of “The Slash Generation” – a generation comprised of a growing population choosing to follow an unconventional path, may it be in their career, hobbies, or life in general. They often juggle several different roles, at different times of day, in order to still be able to work and pursue their passion to ultimately building a work/life balance.


First to drive the new look cards and #Changeables look. Our creative was used across all platforms and was showcased by most media / PR outlets.

FNB was the overall winner when it comes to middle-income banking needs with its FNB Aspire account: Solidarity’s 2022 Bank Charges Report.