Nestlé NIDO Switzerland approached the LIVECOM team to create digital assets for their newly launched division – NutriTods. This division positions NIDO as the Experts in Toddlerhood and will be rolled out globally, to all agencies and stakeholders.


The NIDO brand has been loved and trusted for many years by moms all around the world. To introduce the new NutriTods division to the world, an “Evergreen” set of digital assets needed to be created to establish the importance of toddlerhood and the role of NIDO through engaging and visually exciting content.

These assets had to be adaptable to global markets, with the ability to be tailored to all digital platforms, and includes video’s, social media posts and infographics. The content blends lifestyle imagery and footage, with a childlike take on the world, through custom illustrations, bright colours and a relatable tone of voice.

Along with the assets, a usage guide for each asset was created, as well as a usage guide for all elements associated with the NutriTods division.