TECNO Mobile tasked LIVECOM to run a creative 360 campaign to launch the SPARK 8C device into the market by tapping into the creative attributes of the young at heart South African target audience. TECNO supports and understands these aspirations and provides premium and trendy products to help consumers STOP AT NOTHING in making their aspirations a reality.

The campaign needed to leverage TECNO’s technology to build communities by enabling them the ability to explore and express creativity though powerful and affordable technology. Enabling creativity, enables building community.


The target market is constantly grinding and creating new ways to hustle and provide a better life or themselves and their loved ones. A culture that appreciates hard work, living your truth and encouraging creativity. Creativity has become a currency for this target market.

In the spirit sparking creativity. TECNO tapped into the hustler mindset by targeting youthful individuals who are studying, working, and hustling their way into adulthood. They are highly driven slashers who pursue their hustles and passions using social media.

The campaign rollout plan consisted of a Hustle Hub website where people could plug their hustles and stand a chance to win R80 000 that could help them take their side gig into a main hustle.


The campaign ran for just over a month with very impressive engagement across all social media platforms.


26 000

social engagements

6 million



30 000

website visitors


1 100

hustles plugged