Compelling story telling in advertising campaigns

The Never-Ending Story: Why brand building starts with storytelling

Article by Livecom Admin.

23rd August 2023

The end. In advertising no brand story should have one.


A story well-told is one that should resonate far beyond the campaign. It should live on in consumers’ hearts. How this is achieved should be theoretically quite simple for marketers experienced in the art of persuasive communication. And yet, why do some brand campaigns stick while others silently sink? Like any story it all starts in the beginning.


Compelling storytelling has always been founded on the 5 Cs: Context; Character; Conflict; Climax; and Closure.


Context creates interest: Setting the scene sets the narrative in motion. This is where anyone clicking play on the video decides if the story is worth their scroll time. In just a few seconds the audience needs to know if it’s a journey they want to embark on.


Characters generate intrigue: The people featured have to be immediately compelling and relatable to the right audience at the right time. When they can make us laugh, cry, feel inspired or nostalgic, a meaningful connection is made.


Conflict captures attention: In every hero’s journey, there is a point where a decision is made and a series of events unfolds. This is where challenges are faced, situations that the audience empathises with. Ideally they’re then invested enough for the outcome to matter.


Climax elevates interest: This is a key point in the story where the main character has attained the support of the audience. They now confront the obstacles with an audience keen to see the result. An almighty challenge conquered then becomes a victory for both the character and the viewer.


Closure opens opportunities: With a willing audience along for the journey the brand who played a part in the success is now a feature element in the story, one where character, audience and product are intrinsically intertwined. A brand name merely tagged to the closure will not be remembered as much as one that was naturally and truthfully woven into the story.


So, the moral of the story is clear: Understanding your audience, finding a human truth they can relate to and executing that message in a way that resonates – creates results. It’s only then that engagement and call to actions become organic – a meaningfully connecting experience that lasts long after the audience has changed the channel or scrolled on.


Now that’s a happy ending, in a story worth sharing.


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